Top 10 Picks for Best Embroidery Threads

Embroidery threads

When you are doing embroidery, you take long hours to perfectly finish intricate patterns. You expect that your project will last a long time.

Imagine a stitch bleeding onto your white fabric surfaces after its first wash. What a disaster. It will be such a heartbreak after so many hours of wasted loving labor.

Choosing the perfect embroidery thread is very crucial. You will end up getting bad results for your work if you are not careful with your choice of embroidery thread.

In this article, you will find some of the best machine embroidery thread options.

The Best Thread to Use in Embroidery

Regardless of whether you choose computer-aided designs or free-motion embroidery designs, you should emphasize the quality of embroidery threads.

Here are the best picks for the best embroidery thread:

1. Madeira Incredible Thread

The Madeira Incredible Thread is suitable for needlework, tapestry, crochet, embroidery, and projects for quilting.  Its color palette comes in a variety of 80 shades.

The Madeira Embroidery Thread is made from 100% viscose-rayon fiber. Its length is 220 yards for all the 80 spools it contains. The tread’s two bobbins have 1,650 yards for each of the threads.

The thread shows great resistance to in-fabric skewing and pulling. The Madeira has also taken care of shedding tiny lint. It is easily threadable, eco-friendly, extremely durable, and strong.


  • Easily to thread and very strong
  • Has a carrying strap for ease of use between machines or in storage
  • 80 spools of distinct, vibrant colors


  • Once you run out of one of the colors, you will need to buy a whole set

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2.     The Finishing Touch Embroidery Bobbin Thread

The Finishing Touch Embroidery Bobbin Thread is more of a bobbin thread, but it is used as an embroidery thread due to its good quality.

Another highlight of the thread is its affordability. In comparison with the Brother bobbin thread, the Finishing Touch gives value for your money.

When used on your embroidery work, the threads deliver nothing but quality. It is recommended for any Brother or Baby Lock embroidery machines.

It has one white color palette, is suitable for computerized designs, and is 100% polyester.


  • Sturdy and strong
  • Smooth finish
  • Winds perfectly in high-speed embroidery machines
  • Cheap


  • None

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3. Brother Disney Princess Thread Kit

If a Janome thread is not your favorite, you can try the Brother selection of thread. The Brother Disney Princess Thread Kit is suitable for quilting and embroidery projects. Its main focus is on garments for kids.

Its color palette comes in 24 shades and it is made from 100% polyester. Each spool measures 1,100 yards.

The thread is of high quality and works seamlessly with the Brother machines. You can choose from the designs of Rapunzel, Snow White, Jasmine, Aurora, Belle, Ariel, and Cinderella.


  • Smooth and shiny
  • Comes with color shades that define elements of a Disney princess


  • Suitable for Brother machines

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4. Floriani Polyester Embroidery Thread

The Floriani Polyester Embroidery Thread is known for its wide range of colors. It is suitable for both quilting and embroidery projects.

It comes with a color palette of 300 colors and is 100% polyester. Its length is 1,100 yards. The Floriani Embroidery Thread is dyed in a five-year-aged lot. This means that the color will never fade.

With Floriani, the projects stay beautiful for years, with the thread’s added sheen and strength. The thread comes with advantageous crafting software Floriani Fusion. It offers an application that aids you in making your designs.


  • The production process is environmentally conscious
  • Aged dyeing will ensure the color lasts long without losing its sheen


  • None

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5. Sulky Size-40 Embroidery Slimline Rayon Dream Assortment

The Sulky Embroidery Slimline is suitable for all décor, stitching, felt, and embroidery projects. It comes with a color palette of 104 shades.  The thread is 100% viscose-rayon. The spools are each 250 yards.


  • You can replace individual colors from the stores
  • All shades have an earthy tone
  • Has 104 color spools
  • Its container allows for easy management of the spools


  • None

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6.     Mettler Poly Sheen Polyester Embroidery Thread

The Mettler Poly Sheen Thread is suitable for sewing high-stress garments, quilting, overlocking, and embroidery. The color palette comes in 435 shades. The fiber is polyester and its length is 220 yards each. It is also available in 875 yards.

Apart from its sheen, the thread has high tensile strength and good elastic qualities. It is most suitable for high-tension clothes such as hospitality laundry, work clothes, children’s clothing, and sportswear.

With Mettler, it can withstand dry abrasion, and chlorine bleaches. The stitches and sheen stay intact.


  • Has more sheen in comparison to rayon
  • The tensile strength is 50% higher in comparison to rayon
  • Has 435 shades of color
  • Highly elastic


  • None

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7.     Isacord Quality Thread Set

The Isacord Quality Thread Set is suitable for different embroidery projects. Its color palette has 35 shades. You can check out more shades in sets 1 or 2. It has polyester fiber and its length is less than 1,100 yards.


  • Unbreakable
  • The perfect packaging for a gift
  • Perfect sheen


  • None

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8. Exquisite Fine Line Embroidery Thread Set

The Exquisite Fine Line Embroidery Thread Set is best suited for embroidery and lettering projects. The color palette has fifteen shades with a range of 288. The fiber is a polyester trilobal filament with a spool of 1,640 yards.


  • High resistance to UV rays, soda, and chlorine
  • The thread is smoother in comparison to rayon
  • Limited breakage due to high-tensile strength


  • None

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9.   Sashiko Thread

The Sashiko Thread is not your typical embroidery thread. It is not shiny, smooth, or slide-y. When washed, the thread becomes more beautiful and becomes almost part of the fabric.  The thread is used for Japanese embroidery known as Sashiko.

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10.  Metallic Hand Embroidery Thread

The Metallic Hand Embroidery Thread gives highlights on other techniques in embroidery or it can be used on its own.

The thread easily frays, tangles, and even snags but its beauty is unmatched.

Fabrics embroidered with metallic thread are difficult to wash. However, synthetic metallic will not tarnish.

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What is an Embroidery Thread and Why You Need One

An embroidery thread is a yarn hand-spun or manufactured for embroidery work or other types of needlework. Embroidery thread comes on a reel and is used in machine embroidery. It is thin, therefore cannot be divided.

The Different Types of Embroidery Threads

1.  Polyester–The material has a robust nature and is used by quilters and embroiderers alike.

2. Cotton–Cotton embroidery thread makes heirloom embroidery. Cotton embroidery thread gives a finish akin to hand-stitched embroidery.

3.  Rayon–Made from cellulose fibers which are shiny and soft. Unlike polyester, rayon fades over time.

4. Silk – The best thing about using silk is its strength. It is suitable for both hand and machine embroidery.

5. Specialty Threads – They are used when embellishing embroidery. They are:

  • Variegated thread
  • Solar activated
  • Monofilament Clear Nylon thread
  • Metallic thread

5 Best Embroidery Floss Brands

Embroidery floss is a special type of thread that is made up of six fine twisted cotton strands. Some of the best options are below:

1. LE PAON Embroidery Floss

2. Mira Handcrafts Rainbow Color Embroidery Floss

3. ATDAWN Rainbow Color Embroidery Threads

4. New Brothread Polyester Embroidery Thread Kit

5. DMC Embroidery Floss Assortment

5 Benefits of Using an Embroidery Thread

1. Using embroidery thread on your project gives a professional and smart look when done the right way.

2. When you use embroidery thread on your project, it can withstand the rigors of taking care of it daily.

3. Embroidery thread is effective given the different run sizes, small or large.

4. Embroidery thread gives you a variety of colors you can choose from for your project.

5.     An embroidery thread gives you a high-quality and long-lasting finish.

Making the Right Choice of an Embroidery Thread

Choosing the right embroidery thread is determined by the thread’s primary quality which is determined by its weight and type.

Whether you want to make beautiful, embroidery or quilt pieces, keep in mind the best machine thread for use.

Final Word

It is crucial to identify the embroidery thread you desire to use. From the review, determine which thread best suits your needs.

I hope that the review gives you an idea of the most perfect thread for your embroidery project.

Happy embroidering!


1. What is the best embroidery thread for the Janome machine?

The best embroidery thread for Janome machine is the Janome Polyester Embroidery Thread.

2. What are the best hand embroidery thread brands?

The best hand embroidery thread brand is:

1.  DMC Embroidery Floss Pack

2.  Mira Handcraft Premium Rainbow Color Embroidery Floss – Cross Stitch Threads

3.   DMC Variegated Embroidery Floss

4.    Atteret’s Embroidery Floss Kit

5.  Premium Rainbow Color Embroidery Floss 140 Skeins Per Pack with Cotton for Cross Stitch Threads, Bracelet Yarn, Craft Floss, Aroic Embroidery Floss Set.