10 Best Fabric Cutting Table In 2021

Best Fabric Cutting Table

Most people spend long periods sewing even minor projects because they lack proper equipment, especially the best fabric cutting table. If you are just a beginner in sewing or an expert, you will agree that there’s a significant relationship between sewing and cutting.

Cutting fabric is not as simple as using a pair of scissors; hence can be a nightmare if you lack the right tools. Achieving a flawless product majorly depends on the quality of cutting.

Nonetheless, not all fabric cutting tables are suitable for your project needs. But, worry not. Herein, you will find the best options in the market ideal for all levels of sewing. This top selection results from proper height, stability, ergonomics, cutting area, and more.

Read on.

Best Fabric Cutting Table

1. Sullivans Foldable Table

If you are looking for something simple but practical, this is it. Apart from being foldable, it also features adjustable height, two wide shelves, caster wheels, and a lightweight structure.

  1. Foldable: This makes it an excellent choice for the inadequate sewing room, storage, transportation, or if you need extra space. Better yet, the caster wheels give you an easy time in moving it to different desired positions.
  2. Adjustable height: If your project is demanding, the adjustable-height feature from 29″-38″ comes in handy. This way, you will work comfortably in a suitable position that will not strain your back and arms.
  3. Lightweight and sturdy: For an item weight of 72 pounds, the whole structure is light and sturdy to carry 35 pounds of weight capacity. So, you can also place your sewing machine and not worry about breaking the table.
  4. Storage: The two wide storage shelves under the table are convenient to keep your items within easy reach. Still, it comes with ironing and cutting mat for efficient working.

2. Mainstay Folding Table

Staying organized in your workstation will help you achieve an excellent end product hence the need for a Mainstay craft center. It boasts features like multiple shelves, a sturdy design, caster wheels, and a foldable structure.

  1. Multiple shelves: You don’t have to keep getting your things from a different workstation or even losing any tool, thanks to the numerous shelves on this table. These shelves offer plenty of storage to have all your items with you as you focus on your project.
  2. Foldable: If you finish working, you can collapse the structure easily for storage. Better still, the foldable design works best for limited working spaces.
  3. Pressed fibreboard: This material of construction offers attractive finishes in either pine or cherry, the perfect match for various decors.
  4. Caster wheels: They enable the portability of the table to any desired spot. Sometimes, one can feel to work in a different position for better inspiration to complete the project.


·         Space-saving

·         Attractive

·         Movable

·         Adequate storage

·         Easy to assemble


·         Heavy

3. Sew Ready Comet Sewing Table

For someone looking for a pocket-friendly sewing cutting table, this makes a great choice. It consists of a lower storage shelf, foldable side shelf, solid steel construction, and four-floor levelers.

  1. Heavy gauge steel frame: The frames are of heavy-duty steel construction to provide strength for lasting service. This way, you don’t have to panic when it holds a somewhat heavy sewing machine. Also, the top is laminated for aesthetics, easy maintenance, and durability.
  2. Lower storage: It is adjustable hence also applicable as a platform for your sewing machine. So, it becomes convenient to have everything ready within reach.
  3. Versatile design: There are several colors and styles for this cutting table, so you have the flexibility to choose what’s desirable for you. Also, you can opt to select one with none or several drawers though it may hike the total price.
  4. Side shelf: The side shelf is foldable, which acts both as space-saving in a restricted room. Better yet, it provides extra space when you are working on something quite significant.
  5. Lightweight: It weighs only 37 pounds which is pretty light and portable to a different position. Still, it has four-floor levelers that ensure it is stable to help you focus on your project.


·         Lightweight

·         Foldable

·         Adequate surface area

·         Adjustable platform

·         Versatile design

·         Sturdy

·         Stable


·         Irritating vibration when sewing

4. Sew Ready Studio Designs Folding Cutting Table with Drawers

This makes an excellent choice for those who have back pains but can’t give up on their design work. It features adjustable height, two-wire mesh drawers, bottom storage, and six caster wheels.

  1. Adjustment knobs: This is a great feature that allows you to customize to the proper height in 1.5″ increments. It allows maximum comfort, especially if you have back problems.
  2. Measuring grid: The large surface is not just stable, but it also has a grid that provides measurements in inches and centimeters. This way, you will have an effortless process in achieving accuracy.
  3. Slide-out drawers: Two drawers under the table easily slide out for you to store tools like scissors, rulers, and measuring tape. Better yet, they are easily reachable even when you are standing. Also, there’s a bottom shelf for added storage, preferably for the sewing machine when not in use.
  4. Caster wheels: They provide ease of movement to any desired position of work. Remarkably, they have four wheel-locks to hold the table in place from rolling away when working.
  5. Foldable tabletop: You can easily collapse the entire tabletop to get a compact cutting table for easy storage when you are through with your work.


·         Large surface area

·         Customizable height

·         Convenient storage

·         Stable

·         Portable

·         Foldable tabletop

·         Helpful measurements


·         Hard manual adjustments

5. Arrow K8405 Wallaby II Kangaroo Sewing Table

Longer sewing projects require a comfortable workstation for you to complete successfully. Luckily, this commercial fabric cutting table comes as a complete package consisting of 3 position airlift, adjustable height, three shelves, and lock doors.

  1. Storage: You will find tiny shelves with spool holders to store threads and other small items. Also, there’s a drawer and door tray to provide additional storage.
  2. Hydraulic airlift: This feature supports the sewing machine. Remarkably, it offers three different positions for straightforward sewing of freearm, flatbed, and back to storage in the cabinet. Better yet, the large lift opening can hold a 55 pounds sewing machine.
  3. Locking caster wheels: They provide ease of portability, quick assembly, and stability when working. Also, the doors are lockable for the safety and security of things stored inside.


·         Ample storage

·         Stable

·         Portable

·         Secure locking

·         Versatile positions

·         Sturdy


·         Hard to assemble

6. Martelli Advantage Workstation Kit

Martelli is a professional fabric cutting table for beginners who aspire to be more in the design industry. It comprises aluminum frames, adjustable height, electric leg lifts, caster locking wheels, and accessories like a mat, rulers, etc.

  1. Top-notch materials: It comes with aluminum reinforced frames and a thick polyethylene surface. This makes a perfect combination to ensure durability.
  2. Motorized legs: You don’t need to spend a lot of time and effort changing into a comfortable position. Thanks to the electrically raised legs, it effortlessly and quietly adjusts the height between 30″ to 46″. This way, you can cut when sitting or standing as you wish.
  3. Caster rubber locking wheels: The four caster wheels make it easy for you to move this workstation to a preferable position. Also, you don’t have to worry about being wobbly as you work because the wheels are lockable into a still place.
  4. Accessories: Apart from the significant movable ruler that meets your measuring needs, it also includes sewing accessories like a mat, rulers for convenient use. Still, there’s a template organizer that holds all the accessories neatly in place.


  • ·         Sturdy
  • ·         Stable
  • ·         Movable
  • ·         Comfortable
  • ·         Accessories included
  • ·         Silent and smooth operation


·         Heavy table

7. South Shore Crea Craft Table

This industrial cutting table allows you to explore your creativity to the fullest. It is versatile for projects like jewelry making, scrapbooking, handicrafts, quilting, and more.

  1. Storage options: The several storage options in this table include movable compartments and sliding drawers. Also, there are closed storages that allow you to lock your essential items in safety. This way, you are free to store whatever you need for your project, like tools and fabric. Still, storage helps you stay organized with your items well-placed within reach.
  2. Nice-looking: Apart from being practical, it is also attractive hence among the reasons for its popularity. Its construction involves non-toxic laminated particleboard, which meets the safety standards.


  • ·         Adequate storage
  • ·         Lockable
  • ·         Attractive
  • ·         Non-toxic
  • ·         Convenient


  • Uncomfortable leg space for a tall person

8. Eaton Rolling Craft Station

For beginners in sewing, this is an excellent start without the need for a large budget. It features lockable caster wheels, a spacious worktop, and a lightweight design.

1. Lockable wheels: The four caster wheels will enable you to push the table quickly and safely to any position. Also, they are lockable hence ensuring a fixed place for you to work efficiently without wobbling.

2.  Lightweight design: For just 50 pounds, it is lightweight for easy storage and transportation. Better yet, you won’t have a hard time assembling a lightweight design as you can do it alone. Besides, the attractive construction is of melamine and MDF.

3.  Spacious worktop: The worktop is wide enough, giving you more room to work on a large design. Still, one leaf has a fold-down design that allows you to create more space by using it.

4.  Storage: Several shelves can hold about 15 pounds each. Therefore, you can comfortably distribute your tools of work for easy reach and organization.


  • ·         Large surface area
  • ·         Foldable
  • ·         Movable
  • ·         Lightweight
  • ·         Contemporary
  • ·         Convenient storage
  • ·         Budget-friendly
  • ·         Stable


·         Cannot adjust the height

What Is A Fabric Cutting Table And Why Do You Need One?

A fabric cutting table is amazingly versatile hence usable for several activities. However, the primary role is cutting, sewing, and different quilting fabrics.

If you are still uncertain of making this purchase, see more reasons below of why you need one:

It provides a sturdy and stable working surface. When cutting fabric, accuracy is essential; hence you should not leave any chance to an unsafe surface.

  1. You get fitting for different sizes and fabrics. Depending on your choice, you can get one that gives you the freedom to work with other materials for various projects.
  2. It comes with sufficient storage. You can comfortably place your work tools within easy reach on the shelves or drawers of the cutting table.
  3. You can cut sewing patterns. When you get a professional fabric cutting table with a measurement grid, you will cut different sewing patterns.
  4. It is movable. You don’t have to remain in one fixed workstation hence the need for a sewing table because it is portable to any desired spot.

The Different Types of Fabric Cutting Tables

There are two main types of fabric cutting tables; adjustable height and foldable. However, some models can have both functions in one if you wish to spend more.

  • Adjustable height models: This type features sturdy metal frames and heavier than foldable ones. Also, they can consist of a hydraulic mechanism that automatically lifts and lowers the table to your preferred height. But, there is also a manual adjustment system that involves a knob. Remarkably, you can work while standing or sitting up and work great for any fabric project.
  • Folding table models: They feature a fixed height; however, some parts are foldable for easy storage. Luckily, they offer a large working surface that can also be reduced depending on the fabric’s size. Contrary to the adjustable height models, foldable models are of wood structure hence lightweight to move around.

Both types make an ideal solution for sewing projects and also come with several storage options and designs. Furthermore, any kind will work well with a sewing machine of your choice, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility.

Things to Look For In a Good Fabric Cutting Table

 In a market packed with so many fabric cutting tables, it can be daunting to decide on the ideal choice. Therefore, check out the features below to help you narrow down your selection for the perfect one.

Dimensions: Ideally, it would be best to get a fabric cutting table with enough room for your sewing machine. Better yet, the tabletop should have adequate space to perform other roles like pinning, basting, and even ironing. While a wide surface area is a bonus, ensure it is not so big to fit in your room. It would be best to look for a foldable model to create more space with one side folded when not in use.

Weight: Usually, the material of construction affects the weight capacity of the cutting table. Even though a lightweight table is easy to move around and even carry, it tends not to hold heavy sewing projects that produce intense vibrations. 

 Therefore, the heavy-duty metal construction is ideal due to its sturdiness and stability. Also, it would help if you looked for one with lockable caster wheels that will quickly move even the heavy tables and lock in place to avoid wobbliness. 

 Besides, it would help if you bought a cutting table with an adequate weight limit to hold equipment, including your sewing machine.

Additional features: Depending on how often you want to use your sewing and cutting table, it would be best to consider additional features. For instance, you need a table with adjustable height to accommodate both standing and sitting positions for your comfort. Also, storage is essential as it helps you work conveniently with all your items within close reach and organized.


The best fabric cutting table is subject to your needs and preferences. Some people are hobbyists and want something simple to work with, while others need a professional type to accommodate their requirements.

However, it would be best to mention the Sullivans Foldable Table as overall winner from the above top-notch selection. As noted, this professional, versatile design also offers stability and portability, not to mention ample storage space for various items.

Conversely, even though Eaton Rolling Craft Station is in the last position, it still tops many other models in the market. It still possesses admirable features that will meet your sewing needs as a hobbyist.

Ultimately, it would be best to plan how you will use your table to search for your expectations accordingly. Besides, everybody wants to get quality and best value in their ideal choice.


Q: What is the recommended height of a fabric cutting table? 

 A: Generally, the height of the best fabric cutting table is reliant on your size and position. For example, tall people would work best with a 38″ and above table, while the average height requires 30″-35″. Preferably, it would help if you are looking for a cutting table with adjustable height to customize your comfortable position effortlessly.

Q: What are the other uses of these tables?

 A: Even though their primary function is cutting, they are incredibly versatile to accommodate other activities like quilting, ironing, and sewing. Better still, they offer convenient storage for different items.